God, Family, Football

By Michelle Craig

The South is one of –if not the most—distinctive regions in the United States and because of this its culture is truly its own. A large part of this culture is football. The Southeast has established its self as the premier college football location, with both of this year’s BCS National Championship contenders coming from Southern states. Football in the south is just about the talent it is also about the sense of community that comes from knowing you have something in common with the 90,000 other people sitting around you. From doing this project I have learned that that is what is most important in the south. Not football, but community.

I traveled to different universities in three different states—Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina—and captured the moments that I believed made the southern football experience what it is. From the eccentric fans, to the dress codes, to the food, I wanted to see what made each place special and what made it Southern.

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