Chris Reaves: A Student in Uniform

By Hannah Nemer

Chris Reaves is a senior at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. He is also a cadet in the UNC Army ROTC program. The duality of his identity differentiates him from many of his peers, as his ROTC training has largely shaped his college experience. This project seeks to capture the ways in which those identities of student and cadet both compliment each other and are in opposition to each other.

I am a Peace, War, and Defense and American Studies double major. This project helped me to personally humanize the military and those who comprise it, as through my studies I often discuss the military in more detached terms. Photographing Chris introduced me to the people and stories behind the program. Within the ROTC, Chris is an obvious leader. He jokes with, instructs, and mentors his peers, who clearly respect him in return. Through these photographs, I hope that you also come to know Chris and his unique style of leadership that he has developed through his time with the ROTC and UNC.