Only Burger: The Truck

By Crystal Fuller

Food trucks have become an increasing phenomenon in the food industry of the south and the United States as a whole. One amazing aspect of food trucks is the way in which their owners can fulfill their dreams of owning their own businesses and successful entrepreneurship. Another is how food, whether it is Korean Barbeque or a Veggie Burger adorned with pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes, can be brought from cultures all over the world to the park in your neighborhood or to the parking lot of your corporate office.

I chose to document the Only Burger food truck because it was one of the first food trucks on the streets of Durham back in 2008, and it has been a successful investment, for it still remains as one of the most popular means of mobile food in the triangle area. Brian Bottger shared his interesting story of entrepreneurship to becoming the owner of the truck and eventually the Only Burger restaurant, which is ran by him and his wife, Lisa. The Only Burger food truck can be found at several locations in the Triangle ranging from corporate businesses to high school sidewalks, serving customers from many different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. What draws these different people to The Truck is the thrill of eating one of America’s favorite foods at an affordable price and at the convenience of their work and home communities. A special thanks goes to the Only Burger owners and staff and to all the customers who allowed me to take their photographs.

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